Sabino’s Boiler and Nikki McClure

The things we create can live long after we’re gone. I am reasonably certain that the builders of this boiler (Almy Water-Tube Boiler Company), never suspected that some day it would be displayed in the Great Hall at the Mystic Seaport. Nikki McClure’s cut paper mural, titled “Away”, reaches down into the water as if to give thanks for all those years of service in the dark.

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  1. This is the tea pot that sits on the “stove”. The many pipes of the tea pot allow the water to boil rapidly to make steam quickly, which drives the reciprocating gear-works, and turn the drive to the shaft of the proppeller. I find it “interesting” because it worked it’s magic in the dark, no one was ever able to view this mechanicl masterpiece and how perfectly beautifulyl it was made. McClure’s artwork is at the entrance to the Great Hall, as you walk through. The photo was taken from an odd angle behind the boiler and connects her to the object through a portal in the stars. Something you clearly undersatnd.You, however, are the smartest women I ever met, so here I am, preaching to the quire.

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