Vintage Brass Telescopes, Orreries and other Odd and Curious Devices

The truth to tell is that I wasn’t born knowing how to put one of these WordPress sites together and they are a bit more complicated than I had supposed. But I am getting it, and it is actually rather fun. What I have learned is forget hiring the export to do it for you. They can’t write for starters, they spend hours looking for buttons that you hired them to know where they were and as far as dealing with images, for -get about it. So, the long and short of this is, if you have an interest just hang in there and you will see some odd and curious things and writings on this site.

Bree and two styles.jpg

4 Comments on “Vintage Telescopes and Odd and Curious Devices

  1. Would like info on a sun dial that has Van Cort on the front
    Dimensions about 5” round brass Roman numerals
    ie year value


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