Vintage Telescopes

French Floor Model Bardou Telescope

full from rear 2$2450

A French Floor Model (Bardou) Telescope with mahogany tripod, solid brass pillar mount and all brass construction, circa 1880. The telescope measures 53” at full draw and exhibits a height of 67” when the barrel is at the horizontal position. The optical system is of the five element design including the 3” objective. This is particularly nice for hardwood floors as the all brass self-leveling feet are felted for non-scratch use. The optics produce sharp images for terrestrial viewing or observing the moon and planets. A fine antique French telescope in excellent working condition; you may not find another one in this condition and at this price: $2450.

English Desktop Refractor-1850

An English telescope of very small proportions with folding legs, a four element erecting system and an achromatic objective measurring 1″3/8 diameter. Finsihed in bright brass and lacquered, this fne instrument produces sharp images of 20x. Noting a few small age  dents, this this telescope is in excellent working condition and looks great on display $395