RB Bate Kalidescope 1820

Drawings of Bate - cropped straightened

Currently Under Production – A limited edition offering of 2000 numbered kaleidoscopes, coming Summer 2017. For inquiries, Contact Us.



bush on white

Charles G. Bush Limited Edition

SOLD OUT – 2500 Kaleidoscopes in 4 Months

Born in Colberg, Prussia, on June 6 1825, Charles G. Bush spent his younger years learning his father’s hemp manufacturing business. In 1847, he moved with his new wife, Emily Wilcag, to Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was at this time that he changed his name from Charles Augustus Busch to Charles G. Bush, a practice common to immigrants. While the rope manufacturing business continued to be sucessful, he pursued the study of the use of the microscope, telescope, kaleidoscope, and became an accomplished photographer.


SOLD OUT – 2500 Kaleidoscopes in 4 Months

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