Skinner Auction offered this lathe on April 28 at their most recent sale in Marlborough. Have you ever come across those small ivory turnings looking like lost chess pieces at the flea market or antique shops, often with round heads, radial turnings and multi-piercings? This little foot peddle Ornamental turning lathe could have produced them. Made from polished brass and fruitwood with steel bearings, I could set it in motion with a twist of the wheel. Gazing down at the shinning gilt components and following through the working gear train I became completely lost as to where I was; time seemed to stop. It did not sell, but its little brother next to it did, at $140,000 and a less interesting 1865 time machine nearby went for $260,000.   Holtzapffel and Deyerlein 12 inch Rose Engine 3 detailHoltzapffel and Deyerlein 12 inch Rose Engine

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