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Holtzapffel Rose Engine-1816

Skinner Auction offered this lathe on April 28 at their most recent sale in Marlborough. Have you ever come across those small ivory turnings looking like lost chess pieces at the flea market or antique shops, often with round heads, radial turnings and multi-piercings? This little foot peddle Ornamental turning lathe could have produced them. Made from polished brass and fruitwood with steel bearings, … Read More Holtzapffel Rose Engine-1816

The First Telescope

I can clearly remember, when I was 11 years old, wandering through a junk-shop in Kingston, New York, and coming across a small brass telescope, or part of one, actually. It had a 1” objective with three draws attached, all else was missing. It stayed on that shelf for 3 years, collecting dust with other pieces of odd and curious devices, while I dreamed … Read More The First Telescope